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Newer Music - Episode 70
April 24, 2017 12:17 PM PDT
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1. Disposable 3:38 Cameron Avery Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams;
2. Soothing 4:17 Laura Marling, Semper Femina;
3. Truth Is Light 3:59 Joe Goddard, Electric Lines;
4. Anymore 3:55 Goldfrapp, Silver Eye;
5. Where I'm Going 2:10 Thundercat, Drunk;
6. Unholy 8:59 Richard Barbieri, Planets + Persona;
7. When It's My Time 5:17 Imelda May, Life Love Flesh Blood;
8. John Doe's Carnival Of Error 2:35 Blanck Mass, World Eater;
9. The Great Highway 4:44 Ray Davies, Americana;
10. Distant Shore 4:15 Karen Elson, Double Roses;
11. Pink Up 5:57 Spoon, Hot Thoughts;
12. Losing You 2:53 Alison Krauss, Windy City;
13. Way We Won't 4:22 Grandaddy, Last Place;
14. Feel You (Live at RAK) 4:05 Julia Holter, In The Same Room;
15. My Church is Black 2:58 Me And That Man, Love Is A Dog From Hell;
16. I Can't Find Water 5:08 Hauschka, What if;
17. Fall From an Eyrie 4:24 Arboretum, Song of the Rose;
18. Trust The Sun 5:55 Elbow, Little Fictions;
19. Break Apart 4:35 Bonobo featuring Rhye, Migration;
20. Retour au Champs de Mars 3:45 A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Iris;
21. Memories Are Now 4:23 Jesca Hoop, Memories Are Now;
22. Told You I'd Be With The Guys 4:34 Cherry Glazerr, Apocalipstick;
23. Green Lights 3:35 Sarah Jarosz, Undercurrent;
24. Hate To See You Go 3:21 Rolling Stones, Blue and Lonesome;
25. Cogs Orchestral Variation 5:48 Minor Victories, Orchestral Variations;
26. Honest Life 4:15 Courtney Marie Andrews, Honest Life;
27. Thinking Bout You 3:45 Flo Morrissey & Richard E White Gentle Woman Ruby man;
28. Local 2:54 Tycho, Epoch;
29. Still Life 4:37 Lowly, Heba;
30. Road_Block 3:37 Thievery Corporation, The Temple of I & I;
31. So I'm Growing Old On Magic Mountain 9:58 Father John Misty, Pure Comedy.

So, if I had a mic working I would probably said some of the following:-

1.Cameron Avery – Tame Impala and Pond man creates his debut solo album and with previous work in the Psych-rock genre, one might expect to hear Psych but that's been replaced by ballads.
2.Laura Marling – Moves further from the folk format with this album where theme is generally relationships between women.
3.Joe Goddard – Hot Chip co-founder with his first full-length solo outing – dance inflected.
4.Goldfrapp with their 7th studio album and it’s synth over drum machine but with grown-up lyrical themes which I guess is to be expected for folk in their 50’s.
5.Thundercat is bass-playing Stephen Bruner, across many genre musician but this album focuses in the main on what us oldies call ‘jazz infused soul’ and has many guest appearances from the likes of Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, Kendrick Lamar and Pharrell.
6.Richard Barbieri – once with Japan and more recently, Porcupine Tree, this is his 3rd solo outing and excellent it is.
7.Imelda May – now divorced after many years of marriage, she’s dropped the more recent rockabilly stuff in favour of soft rock. She’s also changed her image from the quiff totting teddy-girl – see album sleeve.
8.Blank Mass – F* Buttons leader with another rather excellent electronic outing.
9.Sir Ray Davies – surely must be one of the best British song-writers ever and by British I don’t only mean nationality, but song content. This album sees an American themes sung in an Americana style backed by the Jayhawks but with several references to the Kinks. Wonderful stuff Sir Ray
10.Karen Elson – supermodel/singer-songwriter with another excellent musical outing.
11.Spoon – Texan indie-rock band with another (9th) album adding a little electronica this time.
12.Alison Krauss – with a song made famous by Brenda Lee about this time of year 54 years ago. Lots of covers from Alison on this her first solo outing for 12 years, with songs sung to perfection in my opinion – but I’m sure you’ll have you own thoughts about that.
13.Grandaddy – whose reform as a band is heralded by a fanfare at the start of this track. Some critics bemoaned as there was nothing new, ‘why bother returning’ but I guess it’s just what fans like me want – so 'up yours' critics.
14.Julia Holter – Live studio recordings of songs previously released on studio albums but mainly drawn from her last album ‘Have you in my wilderness’.
15. Me And That Man – is lead singer (Nergal) of Polish death metal crew Behemoth and folk stalwart John Porter who together produced a folk inspired album of Love & Death themes sounding a little like the latter day American albums by Johnny Cash.
16.Hauschka – neo-classical electronica – all very pleasant
17.Arbouretum – 15 years on the go for US alternative rock band and a track from their 9th album.
18.Elbow – Super stuff once again from this rather super band.
19.Bonobo featuring Rhye – US based Brit Simon Green with another electronic outing of lush melodies.
20.A Winged Victory For The Sullen – more magic from Dustin O'Halloran and Adam Wiltzie with the soundtrack to French film Iris. Puts me in mind of Olafur Arnold’s Broadchurch in places.
21.Jesca Hoop – Tom Waits encouraged (she was his child’s nanny for a while) with more of her experimental songs in the folk/jazz/blues/pop fields. So far, one of my most favourite albums of 2017.
22.Cherry Glazerr – US indie rock band – at time of writing, two young women with attitude plus hairy bloke on drums.
23.Sarah Jarosz – Played in a Guildford church recently to a sell-out audience having just won two Grammies.
24.Rolling Stones – say no more – back to blues pub band with Jagger on harmonica.
25.Minor Victories – The super groups album (track featured episode 66) made-over by keyboard player as an orchestral ambient piece and excellent it is, in my opinion, better than the original (but who am I to say…)
26.Courtney Marie Andrews – Played to a small band of us in The Keep pub in Guildford last month. Very engaging.
27.Flo Morrissey & Richard E White - Young London folky with older LA male producer more into soul. It shouldn’t work, but it does.
28.Tycho – is a project led by Scott Hansen as primary composer, songwriter and producer in the ambient music genre.
29.Lowly – is a Danish 5 piece who with this album have found their niche. An excellent album in my opinion.
30.Thievery Corporation – The electronica dance outfit make a reggae record in Jamaica.
31.Father John Misty aka John Tillman – sounding like a mix of early Elton John and Don McLane. This track is half song/half coda and what a coda – my favourite part of the album.

Hope those of you who wanted to were able to follow above and you all heard something you liked. Hopefully, microphone/mixer and processor will be reunited soon.

Episode 69 - Newer Music
November 29, 2016 08:09 AM PST
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As mentioned last month, the new Bon Iver album had just appeared and I needed to listen a few more times before passing comment. Another track is included here. Also a track from an album much anticipated by me – Lambchop; a track from my favourite album so far this year – Agnes Obel and a tip of the hat to Leon Russell who died this month. Hope you find something you like.
Intro: Joe Bonamassa – ‘Hide away’ from Live at the Greek
1. Herbert 3:58 Madness Can't Touch Us Now Alternative 2016
2. Fire On The Floor 5:13 Beth Hart Fire On The Floor Singer-Songwriter 2016
3. Flotus 3:30 Lambchop FLOTUS Alt-Country 2016
4. Let It Be You 2:57 Joan As Police Woman & Benjamin Lazar Davis Let It Be You Alternative 2016
5. 8 (circle) 5:06 Bon Iver 22, A Million Indie/ Folk 2016
6. Saint Claude 4:02 Christine And The Queens Same Pop 2016
7. Highland Grace 5:59 Hiss Golden Messenger Heart Like a Levee Alternative 2016
8. Particles 3:59 Olafur Arnolds Island Songs Electronica 2016
9. Doria
10. Familiar 3:56 Agnes Obel Citizen of Glass Alternative 2016
11. The Governor 6:50 Nicolas Jaar Sirens Electronic 2016
12. It's A Wonderful Time For Love 3:54 Norah Jones Day Breaks Jazz 2016
13. The Colour Not of Love 3:59 Efterklang LEAVES - The Colour of Falling Opera 2016
14. Superstar 3:21 Me First & The Gimme Gimmes Ruin Jonny's Bar Mitzvah Punk 2004

Newer Music - Episode 68
September 28, 2016 02:45 PM PDT
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All but two of the following playlist are tracks from albums released August/September 2016. I usually try to start with an upbeat number but the first three tracks here are quite slow. I’m really enjoying the James Blake album and I reckon it will be in my top 5 albums for 2016 unless we have an extraordinary excellent quarter 4 and I know my expectations are high for the new Agnes Obel due October and both the Lambchop and Efterklang with Den Sorte Skole released in November. I’ve added a couple of old songs towards the end – two from a list of many that I consider the ‘best’ pop songs released. Enjoy.
01 I Joined the Foreign Legion (To Forget) 3:41 The Divine Comedy Foreverland Pop
02 Radio Silence 4:01 James Blake The colour in anything Electronic
03 D-Day 4:25 Blue States Restless Spheres Electronic
04 No Good Reason 4:21 Dawes We're All Gonna Die Indie Rock
04 Hope Lasts 3:08 Hannah Peel Awake But Always Dreaming Electronic
06 d E A T h b R E a s T 2:58 Bon Iver 22, a million Electronica/Pop
07 Love Life 4:16 King Creosote Astronaut Meets Appleman Alternative
08 Shut Up Kiss Me 3:21 Angel Olsen My Woman Folk-Rock/Cosmic
09 Beautiful Birds 3:34 Passenger Young As The Morning As Old As The Sea S/S’writer
10 Skeleton Tree 4:02 Nick Cave & The bad seeds Skeleton Tree Rock
11 Movie Night Revisited 4:29 Eluvium False Readings On Electronica & Dance
12 Up The Junction 3:12 Squeeze Cool For Cats 1979 Indie Rock
13 Heroes And Villains 4:14 The Beach Boys Good Vibrations 1967 Rock
14 Other People 1:36 The Divine Comedy Foreverland Pop
Best regards,

Newer Music Episode 67
August 26, 2016 03:26 PM PDT
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This episode comprises tracks from albums released in the last few weeks (July/Aug 2016). In my opinion, 2016 is becoming the best year for album releases this millennium. I'm thoroughly enjoying many of the albums I've featured on the last 4 episodes of this podcast and this latest publication has tracks from several excellent albums - Haley Bonar; Rachel Newton; Peter Bruntnell, Lara Gibson and Lisa Hannigan stand-out for me. Give it a listen, let me know what you think.
1. The last of your kind 4:56 Ed Harcourt Furnaces 2016
2. I Can Change 3:13 Haley Bonar Impossible Dream 2016
3. Rule The World 5:43 Michael Kiwanuka Love & Hate 2016
4. The Bloody Gardener 5:29 Rachel Newton Here's My Heart……. 2016
5. Yuri Gagarin 8:44 Peter Bruntnell Nos Da Comrade 2016
6. Llyn Du 3:48 9Bach Anian 2016
7. Never Far Away 3:18 Active Child Mercy 2015
8. Caldera 4:11 Laura Gibson Empire Builder 2016
9. Femen 2:33 Crystal Castles Amnesty (I) 2016
10. In God's House 3:31 Bat For Lashes The Bride 2016
11. Fend for Yourself 3:43 The Pineapple Thief Your Wilderness 2016
12. Moon Saloon 6:07 Arc Iris Moon Saloon 2016
13. We, the drowned 4:00 Lisa Hannigan At Swim 2016
14. Prayer For The Dying 4:35 Lisa Hannigan At Swim 2016

Episode 66 - Newer Music
July 22, 2016 02:45 AM PDT
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Following the last 'special' episode, we return to the newer music concept. Episode 66 comprises a selection of cross-genre tracks from vinyl albums released over the last few weeks. The final track is from Mojo magazine's tribute cd to Dylan’s 50 year old Blonde on Blonde album. 1966 - what a year that was for music and football. Among many other great albums, we had: Aftermath (Rolling Stones); Pet sounds (Beach Boys); Freak out (Zappa); Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton (John Mayall); Revolver (Beatles); Face to face (Kinks) & Fresh cream (Cream).
Tracks for ep 66 are:
1. The Leaves Were Falling 0:15 The Avalanches Wildflower 2016
2. Because I'm Me 4:13 The Avalanches Wildflower 2016
3. Frankie Sinatra 3:44 The Avalanches Wildflower 2016
4. For whom the fires burn - Aethervox Remix 5:00 Phidel Ritual Black ep 2016
5. Falling 4:22 Beth Orton Kidsticks 2016
6. Taboo Groves 2:47 Flamingods Majesty 2016
7. Valentina (ft. Smoke Fairies) 5:59 Public Service Broadcasting The Race For Space / Remixes 2016
8. 1000 Miles Away 2:58 case/lang/veirs case/lang/veirs 2016
9. Scattered Ashes (Song For Richard) 4:17 Minor Victories Minor Victories 2016
10. True Love Waits 4:44 Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool 2016
11. Born Under A Bad Sign 3:17 William Bell This Is Where I Live 2016
12. Ethereal 6:39 Hjaltalin Late Night Tales - Ólafur Arnalds 2016
13. Sad-eyed lady of the lowland 13.26 Jim O’Rourke MOJO trib. to Blonde on Blonde 2016
Hope you enjoy.

Newer Music Summer special - Episode 65
July 05, 2016 07:33 AM PDT
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Taking a break from the Newer Music concept, this episode comprises tracks from albums released in the last 20 years, which I think a little special and which I still enjoy listening to. No talking, just music.
The episode is a little longer than my usual 60 minutes(ish) so those of you who download the file, be warned!
You may not have heard of many of the artists (unless you are a regular listener to this Podcast) but as I always say, ‘give it a listen’. File under background music for a barbecue or dinner party.
Tracks - Song-title/song length/artist/album/year:
1. The Wild Winds Weep 1:44 Alex Tiuniaev Blurred 2011
2. Ancient Eye 3:39 Active Child You Are All I See 2011
3. Everything and Everyone 3:24 Chantal Acda The Sparkle In Our Flaws 2015
4. Downward The Rainbow 3:13 Eonic Secret Land 2010
5. Red Sky At Night 2:51 David Gilmour On An Island Rock 2006
6. Flowery Noontide 4:10 Espers Espers 2004
7. Can't We Just Listen To The Silence 1:35 Explosions In The Sky & David Wingo Prince Avalanche 2013
8. Yr Love 4:42 Holy Other LateNightTales - Jon Hopkins 2011
9. Lie Down In Darkness 4:26 Moby Destroyed 2011
10. Storm Song 3:51 Phildel The Disappearance Of The Girl 2013
11. Ramblin' Man 7:06 Lemon Jelly Lost Horizons 2002
12. Lifted 4:32 Lighthouse Family Ocean Drive 1997
13. We played some open chords 6:19 A winged victory for the sullen Same 2011
14. Falling Slowly 4:04 Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová Once 2007
15. Homelands 5:59 Nitin Sawhney Café Del Mar, Vol. 6 1999
16. You Leave Me in Ruins 4:03 Dan Michaelson & The Coastguards Blindspot 2013
17. Waiting For The Sky To Open 0:49 Mystery School Flambeaux Noirs 2008
18. The Drawing Of Night 5:16 Mystery School Flambeaux Noirs 2008
19. We Wait For Sunrise 4:17 The Winston Giles Orch. Soundtracks For Sunrise 2004
20. Honour Him 1:20 Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard Gladiator 2000
21. The Wheat 1:03 Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard Gladiator 2000
22. Polish Love Song 4:25 Sleepingdog With Our Heads In the Clouds & Our Hearts In the Fields 2011
23. Falling, Catching 1:34 Agnes Obel Philharmonics 2010
24. All Hearts Will Beat Again 3:14 Orenda Fink Blue Dream 2014
25. Reap What You Sow 5:15 Matt Elliot Only Myocardial Infarction Can Break Your Heart 2013
26. If I Had A Heart 3:50 Fever Ray Fever Ray 2009

Newer Music - Episode 64
May 27, 2016 02:32 AM PDT
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Tracks from albums released in the main, over the last few weeks. Starts with a taster from the new 1 track album by Melanie De Biasio - if you enjoy jazzier stuff, you'll like this. Also includes tracks from two of my favourite albums so far this year - Eno's - 'The Ship' and Mutual Benefit's - 'Skip a sinking stone'. Hope you find something you like.
1. $oro 6:21 LUH Spiritual Songs For Lovers To Sing
2. Fickle Sun (iii) I'm Set Free 5:18 Brian Eno The Ship
3. Beached 4:09 Julianna Barwick Will
4. Make A New Mistake 3:16 Bullion Show Your Workings (Loop The Loop bonus)
5. Ether 5:10 Mogwai Atomic
6. 4 Degrees 3:52 ANOHNI Hopelessness
7. The Great Confuso Pt. 1 7:52 Blanck Mass The Great Confuso (ep)
8. Lost Dreamers 4:37 Mutual Benefit Skip a Sinking Stone
9. Echoes Of Harlem 3:47 John Williams' Baritone Band
10. Travelling alone 4:37 Passenger Whispers II
11. Ukulele Lady / (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice 4:52 Eliza Carthy Gift

Newer Music - Episode 63
May 03, 2016 01:58 AM PDT
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Episode 63 compiles tracks from vinyl albums released or rereleased March/April 2016 with the exception of a 1999 track from Prince plus, from last year’s (2015) album by the newly awarded BBC Folk Singer of the year – Rhiannon Giddens. I’m afraid the Matt Elliott track shows how poorly bass is served by the MP3 format I have to use for this Podcast – hopefully the distortion doesn’t spoil your enjoyment. Next month should see tracks from albums newly released by Mogwai, Eno, Hammock and Julianna Barwick. See you then. Peter
Tracks on Episode 63:
1. Finder 5:20 Moderat III 2016
2. A Case Of You 3:31 Prince A Tribute To Joni Mitchell 2002
3. Go! 3:56 M83 Feat. Mai Lan Junk 2016
4. Wilderness 4:37 Explosions In The Sky The Wilderness 2016
5. When Sex Was Dirty 3:50 Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals Call it what it is 2016
6. Elsewhere 5:04 Three Trapped Tigers Silent Earthling 2016
7. Showrooms 4:22 Sam Prekop Sam Prekop 1999
8. Sanft verblassen die Geschichten 3:09 Bersarin Quartett III 2015
9. (Over And Over) The Chain 8:49 Black Mountain IV 2016
10 .Tomorrow is My Turn 4:37 Rhiannon Giddens Tomorrow Is My Turn 2015
11. The Calm Before 14:22 Matt Elliott The Calm Before 2016

Newer Music Episode 62
March 30, 2016 07:48 AM PDT
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In the main, this episode features tracks from albums released March, 2016.
I’ve particularly enjoyed the new albums by Nada Surf; Richmond Fontaine and Limma.
The BE album is a little different in being a soundscape for a UK exhibition at Expo 2015 in Milan, the theme of which was ‘feeding the world’. Take a look at the website reached from this link. http://www.ukpavilion2015.com/ Enjoy the journey whilst some of the music from the album plays behind the site.
If you enjoy rock guitar, you will enjoy the Chris Forsyth album.
Re this month’s picture, I’ve never got as far as 62 when trying to sleep – so it was nice to see.
Hope there’s something in this episode you enjoy. Join me next month for tracks from albums by Matt Elliott, Moderat and Mogwai, among others.
See you then,
Tracks on Ep 62:
1. Cold To See Clear 4:06 Nada Surf You Know Who You Are 2016
2. Berlin 3:50 POLICA United Crushers 2016
3. Two Friends Lost At Sea 4:35 Richmond Fontaine You Can't Go Back If There's Nothing To Go Back To 2016
4. Sirens In The Night 4:14 The Delines Scenic Sessions 2015
5. Black Beach 4:38 Liima ii 2016
6. Nylon Strung 6:48 Underworld Barbara Barbara 2016
7. Copper Wire 3:45 The Range Potential 2016
8. Mirrored In Reverse 4:06 White Denim Stiff 2016
9. Uplift 6:01 BE ONE 2015
10. The Calvary Cross 10:37 Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band The Rarity of Experience 2016
11. Gold Rabbit 3:28 Gold Rabbit Gold Rabbit Greatest Hits 2016

Newer Music - Episode 61
March 03, 2016 04:30 PM PST
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Hi all, This episode takes all but two tracks from a selection of vinyl albums released in the last two months. Once again, content is across styles, from drum & bass to singer-songwriters with some alternative, rock, electronica and jazz. Hope you find something you like.
1. Waiting All Night 4:53 Rudimental Feat. Ella Eyre Home 2013
2. I Can't Give Everything Away 5:47 David Bowie Blackstar 2016
3. The Sparkle In Our Flaws 6:29 Chantal Acda The Sparkle In Our Flaws 2016
4. FloriDada 4:06 Animal Collective Painting With… 2016
5. I'm Glad 3:44 Field Music Commontime 2016
6. Like Only Lovers Can 4:33 tindersticks The Waiting Room 2016
7. At Odds With Logic 3:16 Tortoise The Catastrophist 2016
8. Magic Hour 4:18 Aoife O'Donovan In the magic hour 2016
9. Year of the Plague 4:19 Steven Wilson 4 ½ 2016
10. When You Were Young 2:19 Suede Night Thoughts 2016
11. Dust 6:22 Lucinda Williams The Ghosts Of Highway 20 2016
12. Starfire 8:47 Jaga Jazzist Starfire Electronic/Jazz 2015
See you next month with tracks from Matt Elliott; Liima; Richmond Fontain; Nada Surf and Mogwai amongst others.

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